Nutritional Services

As a company we believe in the healing properties of the food we eat and the positive impact it can have on our physical & mental health. We take nutrition seriously.


With this philosophy in mind, we have built a network to access world leading experts in nutritional health. Our team represent the very best, specialising in specific disciplines within this realm and so we are able to bring to you a truly unique service, coupling the finest chefs with the finest health professionals absolutely customised to achieve results.

Our nutritional team share the drive and passion that Sublime Dining's core values are built upon, discretion, expertise and faultless execution. We welcome you to discuss your goals with us so that we can achieve a solution to realise them, in a delicious way.

Everybody is unique and so we offer a variety of solutions, tailored for you. We can deliver meals with precise instructions for maximum nutritional impact; we can consult with your private chef, we can send out personal chefs to coach you, or visit your property and cook in house, we offer a bespoke service to fit around your busy lifestyle.

Nik Toth

The Lean Body Coach

Nik Toth is a women's weight loss expert specialising to help women lose body fat and become lean and toned without dieting or calorie counting. By aligning their nutrition, hormones and actions women become their most radiant selves and are able to show up at the top of their game.

Where diets have failed, Nik, along with your bespoke nutrition plan, take the guesswork and overwhelming nature out of it for you.


Nik is a Nutrition Therapist, NLP Mindset Coach, Fitness Expert and Yoga Teacher, she is also the creator of the Lean Body System. By using blood work analysis to gain an understanding your unique body chemistry, we can help you uncover why traditional “diets” haven't worked for you, finally creating the results you want from the inside out.

Nik is an integral member of our trusted nutritional coaches to help you become radiant, energised and get in the best shape of your life.