Fine Dining Delivered

Having worked within the private chef arena for over a decade, in some of the worlds finest homes, along side amazing & inspirational private household staff, it became apparent that a truly flexible dining service was needed to serve private homes.

A service that could deliver exceptional meals, targeted towards private households with a focus on quality, discretion and personalised preferences.


Many houses employ full-time private chefs, yet do not feel the benefit as they travel extensively. Other families need a chef to step in, last moment to fill in for staff holidays, sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, some families require multiple cuisines and attention to specific, or changing diets.


We have set about building a flexible solution to these issues, a central production kitchen designed to prepare food as it is in fine dining restaurants to enable it to be finished and served in the clients home to the same exacting standards that our discerning clientele deserve and expect from a full time private chef.


 The benefits of this solution are many...


- We can be waste free, not over producing or over ordering, our clients save money and, perhaps more crucially, the worlds resources.


- We can focus on health consciousness using our in house nutritionists and dieticians to precisely deliver on individual dietary needs.


- We do not fill homes with the smells, noise and mess created by an in house chef.

- Consistency and continuity. As we build personal knowledge of our clients and their regular guests, we ensure an ongoing relationship that takes careful consideration of a particular clients changing tastes and diet. This knowledge is kept discretely and considered in all aspects of our menu design process.


- We have access to the finest equipment, so can produce food that is difficult, often impossible to create in a domestic setting. 

- We have a team of chefs to collaborate on new dishes, sharing knowledge and developing each others skill sets.

- We have the resources to deliver, at a moments notice, when the family dinner for 4 turns into a last minute dinner party.

- Menus are created and expanded to a much greater degree than any sole chef could manage.

- We have access to the finest produce, used by Michelin and fine dining restaurants, we cherish close connections with the finest food suppliers to industry professionals, this produce is very often unavailable to households and certainly does not appear on supermarket shelves.