Garnishing Gourmet Meal

Fine Dining Delivered

Ever wondered how fine dining restaurants manage to deliver delicious, fresh, beautifully plated food so efficiently, whilst consistently maintaining the high standards and never compromising on quality?


Within professional restaurant kitchens, food is prepared to a certain point, called ‘en place’ and then kept to one side until an order comes through for that product. When the order arrives, the chef will finish the dish, plate it and send it out to the dining room for the guests to devour.


This is, essentially, the trick of fine dining restaurants – beautiful ingredients, prepared skilfully by talented & experienced chefs using the latest techniques and equipment to deliver outstanding plates of food. Freshness is also the key.


Here, at Sublime Dining, we source the finest ingredients, mostly unavailable to the public, and use our experience and skill with professional kitchen equipment to take your dish to the point of ‘en place’. We then send you detailed instructions how to finish the dish at home, so that you can seemlessly impress your dinner guests without the stress, work and cleaning associated with making it yourself. We will also share with you professional plating techniques, so that you can present your food to dazzle as well as satisfy the hunger.


We concentrate on one new dish a week, using seasonal, quality ingredients from the best suppliers in the country, choose your Sublime Dining night and eat the season week in, week out. We start this year with our Christmas Day lunch and then we begin to roll into the New Year with spectacular and varied food for your enjoyment.