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Private Chef Services

We have a team of private chefs available for you on a short or long term basis. Our intimate knowledge of what being a private chef means, lends huge value to the process when we are considering a position and how best to fill it.


On a short term basis, be it London or travelling abroad, we have extensive knowledge of the available services and local communities. Being familiar with many worldwide hotspots, if one of our chefs travels with you, the whole team back in London is on hand to help them succeed in making your experience memorable.


We take permanent placements very seriously. We will not present a candidate that we do not feel fits the role, so firstly we engage in a full consultation, considering many factors, before presenting candidates whom we feel fit the criteria.


To us, our reputation and professionalism is of paramount importance and therefore all our candidates are fully vetted, tested and represent the very finest of private staff. The baseline is to excel at cookery. However, a private chef is so much more. It can be equally important that a candidates character is taken into account, discretion and interaction with other staff members, guests and family are also essential factors when sourcing the right chef for a residence.


So, please contact us today to discuss your needs and we will do our very best to help.

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